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Who are WE
Professionals in renewable energy development with over 20 years of experience.
Our team delivers large-scale projects even in challenging circumstances – with vision, innovation and determination.
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we know every aspect of the renewable industry
If you’re looking for reliable and trusted partner for renewable energy projects, we are open for cooperation.
Our mission

Facing one of the most crucial periods in the history of our planet, we know that a sustainable future is no longer a choice. It’s an obligation.

Our mission is to facilitate future where economies can thrive, free from the restriction of fossil fuels.

Our vision

Our vision is building renewable energy power plants to replace the need for fossil fuels.

But it is our approach that sets us apart. Our passion. Our entrepreneurial spirit. And, most of all, our commitment to partnership.

OUR team of
Velizar Kiriakov
Velizar Kiriakov
General Manager
  • Electrical engineer with a Master’s Degree in Thermal and Nuclear Energy.
  • A pioneer in the renewable energy development in Bulgaria, having built the first wind park in the country back in 2004.
  • Long-standing Chairman of the Association of Producers of Ecological Energy.
  • Member of the Bretton Woods Committee since 2009.


Dessislava Ganeva
Senior Expert
  • Climate Resource Assessment Expert and GIS Solutions Consultant
  • Engineer with a diploma in Telecommunications
  • MSc. Computer Science
  • MSc. GIS – Remote sensing specialization
  • PhD Degree in remote sensing
  • 10 years of experience in wind energy and solar energy analyses


Zornitsa Pavlova
Zornitsa Pavlova
Corporate Planning Manager
  • MA in Communication for Development
  • Background in Electrical Engineering
  • 12 years experience in the renewable energy field
  • Extensive Project Management experience
  • Represented Bulgaria in a number of European Parliament projects for renewable energy development


Ivan Ingilizov
Senior O&M Officer
  • Responsible for Construction, Operating and Maintenance
  • MSc. in Electronics, Radio Electronics, Surveillance radars, and navigation
  • Expert in Wind and PV farm installation, operating and maintenance.
  • Planning and operation execution, repair and maintenance of radar equipment.
  • Operating with measuring equipment at medium, high and ultra-high frequencies
some of our small-scale
PV Installations: