KAN Ltd. was founded in 2004 and since then it operates in the renewable energy field with wind and solar power plant projects.

• We are a holding of companies, headquartered in Varna, Bulgaria.
• Our first-hand experience has made us the leading project development company in the renewable energy sector.
• We have shares in a number of joint venture companies for project development in different areas in Bulgaria.
• Mr. Kiriakov, our General Manager, is one of the founders and the long-standing Chairman of the Association of Producers of Ecological Energy (APEE), an organization working on the creation of the suitable investment climate for RES projects in Bulgaria.
• Our colleagues at KAN Ltd. are working on a number of projects for innovational technologies in partnership with educational institutions, including the Technical University Varna and the Vocational School for electrical engineering Varna.

We strive for quality and aim high, providing you with a top service that you can rely on.

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